Welcome to the Galápagos Deep 2023 Expedition!

We are a NERC and NSF funded oceanographic research expedition onboard the R/V Atlantis using the Alvin submersible to explore the deep seafloor of the Galápagos Platform.

Primary scientific objectives of the expedition:

  1. Improve the understanding of deep-water biodiversity and geology in Galápagos, building on previous expeditions in the region 
  2. Analyze fossils corals to help reconstruct past climates, as a means to predict future climate- change trends  
  3. Further our understanding of deep water organisms such as cold-water corals, their genetic relationships and species evolution
  4. Better comprehend how the submerged islands, seamounts, and submarine ridges formed in Galápagos

“Using Alvin to explore the Galápagos Platform is a unique opportunity;  one we expect will provide exciting new data, samples and insights to guide more oceanographic research in the Galápagos Islands.”

– Dr. Daniel Fornari, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Expedition PI)

Latest blog posts: Keep up to date with the expedition

WELCOME to Galápagos Deep Expedition 2023!

After several years of planning and a further couple of years of pandemic delays, a research expedition long in the making has finally arrived!…

It’s the first day of science: How did everything go?

First day of science, how exciting! It is a beautiful and warm day with calm waters. Old volcanos in the background and rays jumping out of the water. But everyone’s attention…

Leisure time during Galápagos Deep 2023: Is there a chance to relax?

Hard effort of 24-hour shifts and collaborations between the science team, Alvin team and the crew members gradually become a daily routine. Nevertheless, is there..

“We cannot wait to support efforts to characterize the opulent ecosystems found in Galápagos deep waters using the deep water submersible Alvin

– Dr. Michelle Taylor, University of Essex (Expedition PI)

Cruise Objectives: What are we out here to do?

Objective #1:
Biology and taxonomy

This expedition is one of the first opportunities to gather visual data complemented by collected specimens from numerous locations around the Galápagos Platform.

Objective #2:
Climate history and corals

On this research expedition, we’ll use corals to study our ocean, climate, and what the future holds for these incredible creatures.

Objective #3:
Geology and volcanism

The results of this research will help us to constrain the constructive history of the Galápagos Platform and archipelago as a whole.

Objective #4:
Community and outreach

As well as the science objectives, this expedition presents the opportunity to communicate the natural history of the Galápagos Islands like never before.

“Deep-sea corals are weird, wacky and wonderful. On this research expedition, we’ll use them to study our ocean, climate, and what the future holds for these incredible creatures”

-University of Bristol, Oceans Past and Present research group

Meet the science team and observers behind the expedition…

Find out more about our ship the R/V Atlantis and the Alvin deep-diving submersible, and also about our onboard crew.

“The expedition is a historical moment for science, conservation and exploration of our oceans in the context of Galápagos and its new marine protected areas…”

Charles Darwin Foundation, Galápagos, Ecuador